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Selvathul selvam thirukural |செல்வத்துள் செல்வம் செவிச்செல்வம் அச்செல்வம் செல்வத்துள் எல்லாம் தலை

Thirukural In Tamil : Selvathul selvam sevichelvam achelvam Selvathul ellam thalai.  Thirukural In Tamil : செல்வத்துள் செல்வம் செவிச்செல்வம் அச்செல்வம்  செல்வத்துள் எல்லாம் தலை.  Kural 411, Chapter - Kelvi  Meaning of the thirukural செல்வத்துள்(Selvathul)→ Among all the wealth;  செல்வம் (Selvam) → Wealth ; செவிச்செல்வம் (Sevichelvam)→ Information; அச்செல்வம் (Acchelvam) → That wealth செல்வத்துள் (Selvatthul) → Among all the type of wealths எல்லாம் ( Ellam) → all தலை (Thalai) → Best Among all the wealth , knowledge ( the information that one acquire from others experience) is the best wealth. Meaning of thirukural in Tamil : ஒருவர் சேர்த்துள்ள  செல்வங்களிலேயே தலையான செல்வமாக கருதப்படுவது, அவர் தன் செவி வழியாக சேர்த்துள்ள அறிவாகிய செல்வமாகும். Related Tags : Thriukkural in English Free download, Thirukkural pdf with meaning, Thirukural songs, Thirukkural stories for children, tamil poem, stories for children, epporull yaaryaarvaai thirukural.

Health benefits of fig fruit

Fig Fruit There are two types of figs. One is country fig. It can be cooked and eaten. The other zucchini figs will be bigger. Sweet and savory. Zucchini figs are ripened in honey promotes blood circulation. The body swells. Relieve heat. Eliminates constipation. Take the seeds of unprocessed figs separately, dry them and grind them into powder three times a day with a little bit of honey and eat it in the morning and evening to reduce the sugar in the urine. Figs are used as an excellent remedy for diabetes. It Contains Vitamins A, B, C, Fat, Protein,  Calcium, Iron and Carbohydrates. Vitamin A in four figs is equivalent to the vitamin in a chicken egg.      

Kaalam karuthi iruppar thirukkural | காலம் கருதி இருப்பர் கலங்காது ஞாலம் கருது பவர்.

  Thirukural : Kaalam karuthi iruppar kalangaathu Gnalam karuthu pavar. Thirukural In Tamil :  காலம் கருதி இருப்பர் கலங்காது  ஞாலம் கருது பவர்.  Kural 485, Kaalamarithal Meaning of the thirukural காலம் (kaalam)→ Period ;  கருதி (Karuthi) →  consider  ; இருப்பர் (iruppar)→will be  ; கலங்காது(Kalangaathu) → Won't giveup  ஞாலம் (knalam) →world கருதுபவர் (karuthupavar) → consider    Those who want to conquer the world will wait for the right time. Meaning of thirukural in Tamil : உலகத்தை வெற்றி கொள்ள நினைப்பவர்கள் அதற்கான காலத்தை எண்ணி காத்திருப்பார். Related Tags : Thriukkural in English Free download, Thirukkural pdf with meaning, Thirukural songs, Thirukkural stories for children, tamil poem, stories for children, epporull yaaryaarvaai thirukural.

Google pixel 3a text notifications not working

 Step 1 : Go to Settings   Step 2 : Tap Apps and Notifications Step 3 : Then tap Notifications Step 4 : check whether text notification is 'on' or 'off'. If it is not enabled, Just tap to enable . It shows blue. Then you will get a Notification when you received text messages.

Grey Clock Symbol Meaning in Facebook Search Box

 When you search for a person name in Facebook Search and if you see a grey clock symbol besides the person, then it means that the person name is already searched by you. For example, in the following image, there is a grey clock symbol appears before the name Mark Zuckerberg, means that this name is already searched by the user in Facebook. If you don't want to see the names then , click clear history option in the Facebook Search bar and remove the specific name or all names stored in the history.

Copy twitter profile link on iphone

 You can get your profile link of your twitter profile on iphone in any one of the following method. Open in mobile browser and login with your twitter id. Now, click on the profile picture and tap on the option Profile  . A new tab will open which contains your twitter profile link in the address bar. Just select and copy the link in address bar and share it to the desired persons. The twitter profile link is in the format  . So you can just notedown your twitter handle and type it in the above url format in your iphone to get your twitter profile link. Generally it is common to share the twitter handle in the format @yourtwitterhandle. So, people   will   easily access your twitter profile if you jast share your twitter handle with @ symbol in prefix.

Plunge meaning in stock market | Sensex Plunges Meaning

 In stock market, the word plunge is referred often when the market fall happens. Generally the stock market fall is measured and determined using the respective points of that particular market. For example, sensex points , nifty points etc. If the sensex points falls at a particular day, due to  some events happened in or around the market , then you can see the headlines at the end of the day that, Sensex plunges after company xys has announced it results.  To conclude, Plunge means a Fall