Monday, November 9, 2020

Fuel Tank sloshing sound - Prevention | Purpose of baffle plate in Fuel Tank

Sometimes you can hear the sloshing sound in fuel tank , while driving through a road with more bumps or while bringing down the vehicle in a slight slope and applying brakes.

There are two main reasons for hearing the fuel sloshing sound inside the passenger cabin.
  1. The amount of fuel inside the tank is low. For example, if the tank capacity is 30 litres and you have just 2 to 3 litres fuel in the tank, then you many hear this fuel sloshing sound under some circumstances.
  2. The design inside the fuel tank is one of the main reason for the sloshing sound. In modern day cars, there is an additional plates placed inside the fuel tank in such a way that prevents fuel movement largely while braking. If the fuel tank , does not has such baffle plate designs inbuilt, then it may leads to fuel sloshing sound.
The baffle plates could prevent the sloshing effect upto certain level, but it is completely not possible to prevent the sloshing sound.

Fuel Tank Baffle Plate design

And even in some cases, the absence of baffle plate will result in shifting the centre of gravity of the vehicle while driving in hill areas etc, which may result in poor control & driveability.