Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Indian Bank - Green PIN Generation , EMI chip Debit Card Activation through Green PIN in ATM

To activate newly received Debit Card , Indian Bank has recently introduced Green technique as a digital initiative.

  1. A six digit Green PIN code will be sent to your registered mobile number from Indian bank before you receive your Indian Bank ATM card. (Debit card)
  2. Once you receive the Debit card through post, take it to the nearest Indian bank ATM machine.
  3. Insert the debit card and you will see the language selection Home screen. At the End of the language list, one more option called Activate / Generate Green PIN will be available. Select this option.
  4. In next screen Choose Activate. And In further next steps you will be asked for your mobile number, Green PIN and you have to set new four digit PIN code for further use.
  5. Once you set the new PIN successfully, you can use your new debit card for usual transactions at any ATM, POS machines and online transactions. 

Green PIN expired , How to Activate Indian Bank Debit card :

  1. Visit the nearest Indian Bank ATM machine.
  2. Insert the new Debit card.
  3. In Language selection screen, choose the last option "Activate/Generate Green PIN"
  4. In next screen , choose Generate Green PIN.
  5. Enter your registered mobile number.
  6. Enter you Indian Bank Savings Account number.
  7. Now, A new Green PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  8. Now Again Insert your Debit card in ATM machine and choose Activate option in Language selection screen.
  9. You will be asked for Mobile number, Green PIN, and Account number.
  10. Once verified, set new four digit PIN and confirm it.