Monday, September 3, 2018

Scheme Mergers and Scheme Name changes by Mutual Funds -SEBI Announcement

Mutual funds in India have been mandated by SEBI to re-categorize and harmonize their existing schemes. The objective of this exercise is to eliminate multiple scheme offerings in the same category (by a given fund house) and to adopt a uniform system of scheme categorization across the industry.

Pursuant to this, Mutual funds have renamed certain schemes in order to meet SEBI’s requirement. Additionally they have merged some of their schemes whereby an existing scheme would have been merged into another similar scheme.

It is possible that schemes you have invested in may have undergone either a name change or a merger. myCAMS offers a full view of your portfolio with the old (and pre-merger) scheme names displayed alongside the current scheme name. In our transaction section, you can even search for a scheme with an old name and then go on to transact with the new name.

Please Click here for details on schemes that have merged or have undergone a name change.

Please note that in respect of scheme mergers the original investment value in the erstwhile scheme (scheme which has got merged) is considered for the purpose of determining cost value.