Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Honor 9N Jio cashback offer Full Details

What is the “Jio Honor 9N Offer”? 

  • a)“Jio Honor 9N Offer” offer entitles a cashback of Rs. 2200 to those who activate Honor 9N devices on Jio network for the first time by performing a recharge of Rs.198/- or Rs.299/- Jio prepaid plan on or after 24th July, 2018. 
  • On  1st successful recharge of Rs.198/- or Rs.299/- on an eligible device, 44 vouchers of Rs.50 each will be credited in the MyJio app which can be redeemed, one at a time per recharge, against subsequent recharges of Jio prepaid plan of Rs.198/- or Rs.299/-, via MyJio App only.
  •  Additional 100GB data with respect to the recharge entitlement, for all eligible subscribers (existing and new), who perform a recharge of Rs.198/- / Rs.299/- prepaid plans offered by Jio on Honor 9N device on or after 24th July, 2018, in the form of one 10GB additional Data voucher per recharge, for a maximum of 10 successful recharges performed on or after 24th July, 2018. 
  • The offer is valid for Honor 9N devices, purchased between 24th July, 2018 and 20th October, 2018, and activated on the Jio network for the first time, between 24th July, 2018 and 20th October, 2018. The first recharge done by the Eligible Subscriber should be of Rs.198/- or Rs.299/- Jio prepaid plans to avail the offer. 

Till when can I claim the offer

  • The first recharge of Rs.198/- or Rs.299/- Jio Prepaid Plan should be done on or after 24th July, 2018 by the Eligible Subscriber to avail the offer. 

How do I Claim the offer

  • The 44 cashback vouchers for Honor 9N of Rs. 50 each, that are received in your Myjio App, by performing a successful Jio recharge of Rs. 198/299, on the eligible device, on or after 24th July, 2018, can be redeemed, one at a time, against subsequent Jio recharges of Rs.198/299, via MyJio app only. The cashback vouchers, if unused, will expire by 15th December, 2021. 

Can the cashback voucher, under this offer be transferred to any other Jio number 

  • No, the cashback vouchers are non-transferable. 

Will this offer be available, if I purchase a 4G device from ecommerce sites? 

  • Yes, “Jio Honor 9N Offer” is available for all eligible devices, purchased from stores as well as ecommerce sites in India, during the offer period. 

Where can I get a new Jio SIM to avail the “Jio Honor 9N Offer”? 

  • You can visit your nearest Jio Store, Reliance Digital or Jio retailer to get a new Jio SIM. To locate your nearest Jio Store, click https://www.jio.com/Jio/portal/storeLocator 

Is the “Jio Honor 9N Offer” applicable to existing Jio subscribers as well? 

  • Yes, the offer is applicable for both existing as well as new Jio subscribers. 

Can I avail any other offer along with the “Jio Honor 9N Offer”? 

  • No, two or more offers cannot be clubbed together and customers who have previously availed cashback offers provided by RJIO for the Eligible Device shall not be eligible to avail this new offer. 

How will I get to know if the cashback voucher, under the “Jio Honor 9N Offer”, has been credited to my account? And where can I view the voucher? 

  • You will be notified through appropriate channel when the cashback vouchers have been credited to your account. You can view the cashback vouchers under the “My Vouchers” section in MyJio app. 

What is validity of cashback voucher? 

  • The Cashback vouchers are valid till 15th December, 2021 

Is the “Jio Honor 9N Offer” applicable on all the variants of 4G devices? 

  • No, it is applicable only on the Indian variants of eligible devices. 

I am currently availing a device cashback offer on my phone. Can I also avail this Jio Cashback offer on the same phone? 

  • No. If you are already availing an earlier cashback offer of RJIO/RRL on an eligible device, you will be ineligible to participate or avail this Jio cashback offer.