Thursday, June 7, 2018

T-Shirt Quotes for mechanics | Women Mechanic T-shirt Quotes

Mechanic T-Shirt Quotes:

The quotes are just given as a sentence. It is upto the readers creativity to align the quote in creative manner with unique images to attract the viewers.
  • We do precision guess work based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge - Mechanic
  • Multi tasking , Auto repairing , Consumes too much caffeine, Requires new wrench set, Caution : Beware of flying tools ,100% greasy mechanic
  • Female mechanics : We do the same job, we just look better doing it
  • Mechanics were created because engineers need heroes too
  • Don't let the mascara and perfume confuse you ; This girl can go from makeup to grease in 3 seconds flat
  • Attention : I am out of order until further notice. My stupid people filter needs cleaning and my give a damn batteries hand run out mechanic.
  • This girl loves her diesel mechanic
  • I don't always just sit and listen to my exhaust;but when I do so does the neighborhood
  • Driving is my therapy, It's my escape from life : Mechanic
  • I was once a polite & well-mannered young man and then i became a Mechanic
  • Tell me its just a dog and I will tell you that you're just an idiot
  • Warning: Do not disturb the diesel mechanic serious injury or death may occur