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Create notepad with shadows in PPT | Steps to make visually appealing notepad like symbols in Powerpoint

Steps to draw the (Sticky Note) notepad like box :

Sticky note Notepad with shadow in Powerpoint moon shape

Adding a Rectangle Box:

  1. Insert a rectangular box using Rectangle tool
  2. Now Right click on the rectangle and click Format shape.
  3. Fill a desired color for the rectangle box. Prefer light color.

To draw the shadows:

  1. Insert a Moon shape. You can find this shape under Basic Shapes tab.
  2. Now rotate this ‘Moon’ shape by selecting the shape. To Rotate , you can use Rotate option available under Arrange Option. If you Rotate 90º  Right you will get concave shape, If Rotated  90º Left you will get a convex shape
  3. Change the color of the moon to look like a shadow. For this you have to choose no outline for this moon shape, and a grey shade fill will look good as a shadow.
  4. Now, Select Glow and Soft Edges > Soft Edges > Presets > Size: 20pt. You can increase the size by pulling the square boxes and the width by pulling the diamond handles.

Combine the Box with Shadows:

As the final step, Place it under the notepads. Select the shadow options (Moon shapes), select and right click. Select Send to Back. Group it and move the objects accordingly.