Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Whatsapp Web : Where do the images and messages store when we use whatsapp web | WhatsApp blob URL meaning

WhatsApp web Storage Location

Whatsapp web is a familiar feature through which one's whatsapp can be accessed in a desktop browser by scanning the QR code visible in your smartphone screen once you click whatsapp web.

The desktop has to be connected with internet to use whatsapp in realtime.

Have you ever wonder where the messages, images and thumbnails will be stored while using whatsapp web.

Are they stored in whatsapp web server? Nope
Are they stored in your phone itself and grabbed by the computer? Nope

They are stored in a temporary memory storage in your PC and can be viewed only by the browser that you use for whatsapp web. And once you come out of whatsapp web, those encrypted files will be deleted from your temporary memory.

Whatsapp uses "blob" type of url to do this task cleverly. 'blob' URL is nothing but a form of javascript, usually starts with the syntax blob followed usual https url that refer to the temporary location where the file is saved . The file may be a text message, thumbnail or image.

If you want to store the image in the local storage, you have to right and save it in desired location.