Thursday, April 20, 2017

3D Puzzle : Find out the true shape of the component | Engineering drawing Puzzle | Front View Side VIew Top View Puzzle


Front view will be look like an inverted Z. And side view will be a cross like structure similar to + symbol.
And the interesting thing is , the top view of the 3D Shape will look like a circular ring.

Can you imagine, what would be the real 3D shape of the component look like?

Those who had a chance to study engineering drawing will surely find this puzzle interesting. This kind of puzzles will stimulate your brain nerves as equal to the number puzzles.

Just try to figure it out before expanding the answer section .

>>Answer . Expand to see the 3D Shape

In Engineering field , specially Civil and Mechanical engineers used to come across drawings with such front, side, top views. Most of the standard drawings will not contain a 3D view of the shape. But the engineer has to imagine it just by seeing these standard views.