Thursday, February 9, 2017

2 Files Queued | To Remove 'Queued for download Notification' in Android Smartphones

This notification may appear in most of the Android OS smartphones that seems difficult to remove it from notification bar. Follow this procedure to remove it .


  1. Go to settings → Language and Input
  2. Tap on Text to Speech Output option
  3. Tap on Gear icon near Google Text to Speech option
  4. Select Install Voice data
  5. You will see a list of languages appear in the screen
  6. Now look for the languages that has been showing in the notification bar.
  7. For example if it shows Female for German, male for English India, then tap on German , now you can see Downloading status near German for female language.
  8. Tap on Close icon (x) near the voice set
  9. Similarly do for another language.
  10. Now you can see the notification removed from your notification bar.

  • If you want to avoid this to happen again, click the three vertical dots in the screen where the list of languages appear
  • Select options and disable Auto-update voices.