Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sun Cellular : Activate / Deactivate Voicemail in sun cellular prepaid

Sun cellular offers voicemail service for its users . When you are not reachable or busy, then you can request the caller to leave a voice message which can be heard later when you are available.

Activate voicemail in Sun cellular

  1. To activate voice mail in sun cellular, dial 200 from your sun cellular phone or 02-395-8000 from other network or landline.
  2. Choose the option to speak with customer care executive and make a request to activate sun cellular.
  3. Once your voicemail service activated, go to your phone settings→call settings → Call divert → and set your voice mail number when busy or not reachable or not answered
  4. Hereafter you will receive sms notifications whenever you receive voice mails.

Deactivate voicemail in sun cellular

  • If you don't want to lose additional money for voicemail services, you can send voice messages through Whatsapp record option.
  • To deactivate voicemail in sun cellular , dial 200 from your sun cellular phone and speak with customer care executive and place a voicemail deactivation request.