Tuesday, January 3, 2017

mRupee Wallet Review

What is mRupee :

mRUPEE is a digital wallet brand owned by MMP Mobi Wallet Payment Systems Limited.
mRUPEE wallet is a prepaid Mobile and Web based payment service you can use to shop/make payments with ease.

What are all the servies provided by mrupee :

Services currently available through mRUPEE wallet are mobile / DTH / VAS Recharge, Mobile and Utility Bill payment, Travel ticketing (Air, Bus, Hotel) and ecommerce portal offering thousands of categories.

For more details about the availability of products and services please visit www.mrupee.in.

Where can I download mrupee App ?

mrupee is Available on the Web and Mobile Applications like Android, Java and BlackBerry.You can download the mobile app or go to the web and do any merchant transaction as available with mRUPEE.

Once the wallet is created/registered, the user will get an SMS / Email on his /her email id to change his/her default PIN and to download the mobile app.

The user can change his/her mPIN (One time activity) either from the app or the website at www.mRUPEE.in. Please note that the users compulsorily need to change their default mPIN so that the wallet is ready to use and

The user will be informed of the credit of money to his wallet through SMS.

What is Semi closed wallet ?

MMPL will create Semi Closed Wallet (SCW) for the user within 2 working days.
RBI limits for Semi Closed Wallet apply in Load and transactions, for the two specified user KYC profiles, and may vary from time to time based on the RBI regulations.

Current permissible limits has been given below :
  • Limited KYC Semi Closed Wallet: Transaction Limit : Rs 10,000 / transaction and Rs 10,000 / month (including applicable fees, if any) 
  • Full KYC Semi Closed Wallet: Transaction Limit : Rs 1,00,000 / transaction (including applicable fees if any) 
For more details on the services available the user can log on to www.mrupee.in or contact the customer service channels

How can I contact mRupee customer care for complaints ?

The users can call mRUPEE Customer Care at 09222251111 from any other number. Charges will be applicable as per the mobile tariff plan. Or Email : care@mrupee.in 

And you can Write to mrupee directly : Head Customer Centre, MMP Mobile Wallet Payment Systems Ltd., 2A Old Ishwar Nagar, Main Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110 065.