Saturday, January 28, 2017

Agriculture tips for farmers who cultivates Green grams, tomato, turmeric, groundnut

  • Farmers who go for green gram cultivation in tropical regions can choose varieties such as Co-8, VBN-2 which are suitable for cultivation.
  • Soil test based fertilizer recommendation advisable while tomato cultivation.
  • Rhizome rot may occur in Turmeric crop at two leaves stage. To control the rot, spray Pseudomonas and T. viride @ 2g/liter of water or Propiconozal @ 2g/liter of water.
  • Farmers having groundnut crops at the age of 40-45 days can top dress with gypsum at the rate of 160 kg/acre, earthing up should be done to facilitate peg formation, increase yield.
  • Split application of fertilizers will enhances the utilization of applied nutrients by the crops thereby increase the yield of turmeric.

The monsoon tips for farmers are provided at appropriate seasons by Nodal Officer, Agromet Field Unit, Agricultural Research Institute.