Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Centrex Services by Airtel: To communicate internally within different Office branches within same city

Centrex Services in India

Airtel provides an unique service specially for business which operates with many branches inside a same city.
If you run many offices within one same city, then if you chose Airtel's Centrex services then you can call your colleague in other branch for free of charge.
All you can do is to just to dial a short digit dialing assigned for that colleague.

Airtel Centrex provides switching at the central office instead of individual offices and works like EPABX service. Airtel would own and manage the equipment and software necessary to implement the service.

Airtel Centrex Services includes the following Services :

  1. Short digit dialing
  2. Direct inward dialing»
  3. Manager - secretary service»
  4. 3-way conferencing»
  5. Voice mail»
  6. Call pick-up»
  7. Auto callback»
  8. Parallel ringing

You can know more about cost of the service by contacting Aircel business customer portal online or through their customer care number.