Tuesday, October 25, 2016

To update the mesh after modifying the geometry in NX Advanced simulation | NX CAE Polygon Body Update Log

If the modification made in geometry is small , then the mesh can be accordingly updated without any manual intervention.
  1. Double click the .prt file in part navigator to make .prt as work part
  2. Now make the desired CAD modification in the .prt file
  3. Now right click the .prt file and 
  4. CAE Polygon Body Update Log and change displayed part to FEM file associated with the part
  5. Right click on the FEM file and select update
  6. The mesh will automatically update now, based on the new geometry.
  7. If the mesh is successful only in some portions, then you have to manually mesh in the remaining areas.
  8. Finally you have to ensure that the mesh is formed properly and associated with further boundary conditions like load applications and restraints.

The background process that takes place when we give FEM update will contains following process.
  • Searching for modified polygon faces.
  • Beginning surgical update process.
  • Surgical update process successful.
  • Adding new and modified polygon faces to the output group.
  • Any manual edits made to the modified polygon faces have been lost.