Thursday, October 20, 2016

MS Excel: Value you entered is not valid error

MS EXCEL: Value is not valid error


 The value you entered is not valid.
A user has restricted values that can be entered into this cell

If you try to enter any word or number in a cell that has already predefined drop-down list, then this error will appear.
We can only enter or select the word , that is available in the drop down list.

  • If you want to enter different values in the cell, then you have to clear the predefined drop-down list.
  • The easiest way to do this is, just copy an empty cell in the same row using the command Ctrl+C
  • Now, select the cell you need to remove the drop down list and Press Ctrl+V.
  • Now, you can enter any values in the cell.

If you want to include an additional word in drop down-list, then select the cell. Go to Data → Data tools→ Data validation. You can include additional word by updating the "Source" parameter.


Before doing this, ensure that the values in the drop down list is not referred by some other cells. If so, then the values is those cells may affect if you clear enter random words in the cell.