Friday, August 19, 2016

TNEB : Meaning for ASD, SD, BPSC, CC charges, PMC, MCD

TNEB Abbrevations meaning:

TNEB means Tamil Nadu Electricity Board
Additional Security Deposit
Security Deposit
Belated payment surcharge
CC charges
Current Consumption Charges
Previous Month Consumption
Meter Caution Deposit
Recorded Demand Fixed Charges


ASD (Additional Security Deposit)

Sometimes you may receive an Additional Security Deposit Intimation Notice, like
Dear Sir/Madam,
Ref: Service No:05212001xxx
SD available: Rs.1246(includes interest @9% p.a Rs.91)
By order

This intimation means that you have an security deposit of mentioned amount. If you want to tally any additional security deposit with bill amount, then you can go to the respective section and request the officer to deduce this additional amount in your next bill.

The other abbreviations like BPSC, SD, CC charges, PMC, MCD are self explanatory by the name as shown in the above table.