Thursday, August 18, 2016

MS word: Shortcut keys for cut copy and paste in ms-word

To cut , copy and paste any text or objects are the basic commands in Microsoft word.

If you are beginner in MS word, then it will be very much useful for you to work producitively if you remember thes shortcuts

  1. To copy text or picture in MS word - Ctrl key + C
  2. To paste the copied text or picture in MS word - Ctrl Key + P
  3. To cut the text or Picture and paste it some where else - Ctrl + X to cut the text and Ctrl + P to paste it in new location
Apart from these three options, you can use the shortcut key
  • Ctrl + S to save the file
  • Ctrl + M to open a new word file
  • Ctrl + O to open the file browser and through which you can open an existing word document
  • Ctrl + B to make the selected text bold
  • Ctrl + I to make the selected text italic
  • Ctrl + U to underline the selected text