Monday, August 22, 2016

Sun Broadband Wireless - SBW Modem Philippines - Error codes and solutions

Error 619 :

  1. Check whether you have entered correct profile name or APN. If not, modify them
  2. Check whether the modem detects the network signal. 

Error 31

  1. This error may be due to Temporary network issues/ Failure. Switch off or Unplug the modem then reconnect again.

Error 629:

  1. If the Sun Broadband Wireless SIM is not detected, ensure that the Sun Broadband SIM is placed properly
  2. Check whtether the APN length is over 100 characters, If it is more than 100 characteres, Modify the APN
  3. If the A PIN codeis requested,for your SIM the input the PIN code

Error 633

  1. If The software driver of the USB modem is not installed properly, then try reinstalling the software

Error 651 or Error 777

  1. The SIM card may have been locked/ blocked , Encode the PUK code to unblock the service. You can get the SUN wireless modem PUK code from the owners manual or from customer care helpline.

Error 680:

  1. If more than one modems is installed in the computer and it is trying to connect using another modem then follow the below instruction.
  2. Insert the modem that you'll be using and then an automatic prompt that will uninstall the other modems will automatically appear. After uninstalling the other modems, an automatic prompt that will install the inserted modem will appear. Follow the instructions prompted.

Error 720:

  1. If the protocol of TCP/IP run is wrong, then you need to reinstall the software from the installation cd.