Friday, August 12, 2016

NX: Menu access is denied Error | Solution

NX: Menu access denied

In NX modeling, while exporting a large assembly or sometimes while exporting a component, you may receive an error "Menu Access Denied"

If this error is displayed, then it means that you are trying to export a part that is not allowed to export.

In such case, you have to close those parts in specific and try to export again excluding those components.
Sometimes, this will happen in Drafting module, while trying to export a drawing sheet as part file into some other part file. If the same error "Menu access denied", then you should close all the components and try again to export the drawing.

Otherwise, you can export the drawing sheet into CGM file. But be aware that drawing views will be converted into small splines if you convert the drawing as CGM file. But, in part file, the drawing sheet will become easy editable like moving the views, editing the text and dimension etc.