Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Yahoo has been sold to Verizon for 4.8 billion USD

After lot of criticism towards Marissa Mayer, CEO Yahoo and following the downfall of Yahoo's internet business throughout the years, the Internet giant has been sold to Verizon for 4.8 billion $.

Marissa mayer yahoo ceo

An year ago, Verizon has already bought the another search engine AOL , which was facing severe downfall for 4.4 billion USD,

Now it seems that Verizon has some plans to merge AOL with Yahoo to provide a new face and features to these search engines.

"‘I’ve tried to be gender-blind and believe tech is a gender-neutral zone but do think there has been gender-charged reporting ", said Marissa Mayer

 We have to wait and see , how this acquisition would make an impact on the search engine market against the Google monopoly.

Yahoo merges with AOL