Thursday, June 2, 2016

Du mobile Dubai: Find PUK code & Reset PIN number solution

Du mobile sim will be locked if the pin code is entered 3 times wrongly and the phone will ask for du PUK code to unlock the sim and reset new pin number.

Remember that PUK code cannot be generated by any downloaded software. So be aware to avoid unnecessary blocking of your SIM card because of incorrect PUK code attempts.

Du allows the users to view the PUK code through online, through customer helpline, etc. So do not assume your PUK or try more than two times, which will lead to permanent blocking of Du sim card

If it is already locked, try the following procedure.

→Get PUK code from Du welcome mail package :

The du puk code for your SIM card will be printed in the mail or card package that was provided at the time of purchase of your Du SIM card. If you do not have this card please go to another method.

→To get Du PUK code From Helpline

  • From another Du prepaid or postpaid mobile number, call to the customer care number 155
  • From other network or land line call 800 155
  • From other country , call +971 55 5678 155
Speak with the Du customer care executive and request for PUK code
The customer care person will ask for basic details like Name, Date of Birth, Nationality to verify your details and provide you the PUK code.

Enter the PUK code in your phone and set a new four digit PIN number.

You can also contact official twitter account @dutweets, if you have twitter user name. 

If you are using smart phones, try to avoid using PIN code password for SIM card .Better use some App locking application like Applock360 security .You can download them from Google play store for free of cost.