Saturday, May 28, 2016

Robi Balance transfer : Robi to Robi Balance transfer code

To Transfer Balance from Robi to Robi:

  1. To transfer, just type the amount (For example, 10 ) in a text message body and send SMS to 1212 018XXXXXXXX (where 018XXXXXXXX is the balance recipient’s Robi number).
  2. Your Robi prepaid number will be automatically registered for the balance transfer service after the first transaction.
  3. A PIN code will be sent to your mobile phone as sms after successful transfer. Please use the PIN for future transactions. To disable the PIN, SMS off to 1210.
  4. To transfer balance using IVR please dial 1210.
  5. To transfer balance to another Robi through ussd code, Please dial *140*6*1# to transfer balance