Thursday, April 28, 2016

Q mobile PIN code , PUK code | Unlock default Q mobile security code

Q mobile PUK unlock: 

Q mobile users can enable security PIN code to prevent misuse of the SIM card and to ensure safety of the data stored in the phone. This article clarifies about PIN code, PUK code for Q mobile users.

Q mobile PIN code :

The PIN code is related to mobile network provider and not the phone. Q mobile PIN code consists of four or five digit numeric security code. The default PIN code for Q mobile depends on the mobile network provider. To know the default PIN code , the user should contact the customer care of the network provider

Q mobile PIN code locked :

If the user types the PIN code wrongly for three times, then your Q-mobile phone will be locked and ask for PUK code

Q mobile PUK code:

  1. If the PIN code is entered wrongly for three incorrect attempts, then the phone will ask for PUK code.
  2. To know the PUK code and reset new PIN number, contact customer care of the mobile network provider (ex: Zong, Telenor) to know the PUK code
  3. If you enter PUK code for 10 incorrect attempts , then the SIM card will be blocked and you have to replace new SIM card.