Sunday, April 3, 2016

Orange: To stop marketing sms , calls in Orange,EE mobile UK


Unwanted sales and marketing calls are always a concern in the telecom industry. The consumer has every right to stop such unsolicited calls and text messages.

If you are continuously receiving unwanted text sms related to marketing offers, then you can forward the text to 7726

If you are continuously receiving silent calls (ie. You pick up a call and hear nothing but silence in other end). then you can call 0300 123 33 to register a complaint.

If you are continuously receiving unwanted sales, marketing calls then you can register a complaint by sending an sms CALL <phone number that you receiving marketing calls> to  7726

If you want to stop completely the marketing calls from any other numbers, then you can register with Telephone Preference Service (TPS) list. It will take effect from 28 days, once you have registered this free service to stop from unwanted sales calls.
You can register tps through or by dialing  0845 070 0707