Sunday, March 20, 2016

Whatsapp : Frequently asked Questions

Whatsapp group limit translate gif image

How to set .gif image as whatsapp dp ?

  • It is possible to choose .gif format images as whatsapp dp. But the app will consider it as a still image, and animation will not be captured . 
  • The persons in the contact can see the first frame of your gif profile picture. Animated images could not be include in whatsapp.

What is the number limit for whatsapp group?

  • Currently the number limit for a whatsapp group is 256.

How can I increase whatsapp group number limit ?

  • The purpose of whatsapp number limit as 256 is to avoid spamming, marketing sms. So it is advisable , not to try to crack the app to include more number of people in whatsapp group.

How many groups can I create in whatsapp ?

  • One user can create unlimited number of groups in whatsapp.

What will happen if all the admins leave the whatsapp group  ?

  • If the ever last admin leave the whatsapp group, then a random member of the group will be assigned as the admin of the whatsapp group

How to send message for a person who blocked you in whatsapp ?

  • It is not possible to send message directly to the person, who blocked you.
  • But still, the person can able to see the message in whatsapp group where both of you are memebers.

How to know whether a person is blocked me in whatsapp ?

  • You cannot see his status as online
  • You cannot see his last seen status
  • Your message will not deliver to him ie.double tick will not appear
  • You cannot see his latest profile picture
  • You cannot make a whatsapp call to him
If you find all the above indications, then there are possibilities that the contact has blocked you in whatsapp

How to download whatspp in italiano ?

  • You can translate the option in your whatsapp into italiano through the official webpage

Lost my Phone, how to deactivate / block my whatsapp ?

  • Send an email to, with subject Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account.
  • Alternatively, you can contact your network provider to block your lost sim card and buy a new one under the same number, and use it in your new phone as usual .

How to get whatsapp in spanish ?

  • Go to and login using your credentials; Proceed translating whatsapp app into spanish language. You can translate into other languages also.