Saturday, March 12, 2016

NX: To import image file in NX Drawing : JPEG, BMP, PNG images | Siemens NX import png

To import , insert image file in NX Drawing :

  1. Ensure that the drawing sheet is made as active sheet, in NX Drafting mode
  2. Now, select the insert picture icon. You can also find it using command finder option
  3. Now, in the Insert image window, Browse and select the location of the picture file which is in any one of the format png, jpeg, jpeg,tiff. If you have any other image format convert it into any one of these format using MS Paint- Save as option.
  4. Select OK to insert the picture in drawing sheet
  5. You can resize the image by select the image and dragging it in the corners to increase the scale as you desired
  6. You can also move the image using the option Edit Move Object option.
The quality of the drawing will affect , if you insert a image and export it into some other formats like PDF.