Thursday, March 3, 2016

MicroStation : Seed file in MicroStation : Create DWG, DGN seedfile in AutoCAD, Microstation V8 | Autocad seed file input

Seed File in Microstation :

In Microstation, Seed file denotes the drawing template file which acts as a template for the drawings we create, and also provides base data for the destination CAD data.

The Seed file will be stored as .dwg or .dwt format in AutoCAD and as .DGN format in Microstation.

Seed file stores information related to layer names, styles etc, working units, views, global origin, cell library attachments etc.

To create a DWG seed file in AutoCAD :

  1. Start AutoCAD
  2. Define the attributes . Use ATTEDIT command to open Attributes Window
  3. Create Block definition. Use BLOCK command to get Block Definiton window.
  4. Verify the defintions.
  5. Save and close the file with proper name.

To create a DGN seed file in Microstation V8:

  1. Start Microstation
  2. Go to file → New
  3. Give a new name for the seedfile
  4. In Seed textbox, choose an empty 2D or 3D seedfile as determined by the z values of  your input feature class
  5. Click save and start editing the new DGN file
  6. After preparing the seed file Define the global origin and set the map units
  7. Save and close the DGN file.