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Metfone : Unlock PUK code | Metfone to Reset locked PIN number

The default PIN Number for all Metfone Prepaid and Postpaid mobile SIM card is unique for each mobile SIM

Metfone, is the major telecom network which offers high speed data connection to Cambodia customers through Prepaid and postpaid mobile plans and fixed landline services

Both Prepaid and Postpaid Metfone Mobile SIM card has an inbuilt PIN code and PUK code for security purpose. The SIM card will be blocked if you enter your PIN number wrongly for 3 times.
Then the Phone will request to enter PUK code to unlock your phone and reset your PIN number.

You can find your  PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) through following methods.
Expand the method to know more.

Metfone - PUK code Unlocking Procedure

  • Call 1777 from other Metfone mobile or 0979097097 from other network or fixed landline phone (Cambodia)
  • Speak with the customer care and request for PUK code.
  • Note it down and enter it in your mobile phone to unlock the SIM card 
  • Now Set a new four digit PIN number.

>Retrieve PUK Online

  • For metfone users, you can register and login in the webpage of metfone. Once entered choose Manage Account - PUK Inquiry to view your PUK code.
>Welcome mail /SMS option

If you have welcome mail that you got when buying the Metfone sim card, you can directly note the PUK code printed in the mail and enter it in your locked mobile phone.
Currently Metfone do not provide option for obtaining PUK code through SMS.
So, Please try any one of the above methods to retrieve you PUK code.

    Maximum Limit for PUK code entering is 10 attempts. Then the SIM be be blocked and need to replace with anew SIM card . So better be careful while entering PUK code