Thursday, February 18, 2016

FEA: How to define a mesh | Beam, Thin Shell, Solid Mesh

Defining a Mesh

A set of options will be provided to define mesh parameters before we generate a mesh:

In general there are three types of mesh based on the dimension of elements.

  1. Define Beam Mesh
  2. Define Shell Mesh
  3. Define Solid Mesh

All of these options will open the Define Mesh form where you can enter mesh parameters, such as the type of mesh (free or mapped), and the element length. The options available on this form depend on the type of mesh you're defining.

The meshing software will also contains commands that help you refine your mesh in specific areas. Define Free Local, for example, lets you specify a local element length in a selected region of the mesh.

You don't need to explicitly set meshing parameters. If you pick one of the mesh generation icons, the software uses default meshing settings to automatically generate a mesh on the selected entity.
Before you generate a mesh, you can use Modify Mesh Preview to examine and modify your mesh definition.

To preview a mesh, the following restrictions apply:

  • All the selected entities must be the same type (surfaces or volumes).
  • If any of the selected entities don't have meshing data defined, the software supplies default meshing data.