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Celcom: Activate / Deactivate Caller Ringtone through sms or USSD code for call me tones | Celcom Call me Tone Deactivation 22990

To activate Caller Tones in Celcom.

There are three methods to activate caller tone (CMT) service in Celcom Malaysia.
  1. Call 1-300-990-990 from your mobile phone, follow the computer voice instructions to set your favorite caller tune.
  2. Send an sms ON CMT to 22990
  3. Dial the ussd code *118# in your celcom mobile *118# and select cube

Deactivation of CMT caller tone in Celcom:

Method 1:
To Remove /Unsubscibe Your CMT Celcom
  • Dial the USSD code *888# 
  • Choose the option Music. Probably you should choose number 3
  • Then choose the option My CMT . The number would be 8. 
  • Then select the option Unsubscribe.
  • Select 1.Confirm to Unsubscribe CMT Services
  •  Now you will receive an SMS from Celcom that you have been unsubscribed from Call Me Tones.

Method 2:

  • Send an sms STOP CMT to 22990