Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Aircel : Deactivate Auto renewal Internet Packs | To stop Auto renewal rate cutters in Aircel

Aircel has some auto renewal rate daily packs , rate cutters for 1 Rs, 4 Rs, 3 Rs and 9 Rs DECPI9.

In order to stop automatic deduction in talktime balance, we have to maually deactivate these rate cutters using USSD code method. to stop the auto renewal packs you have activated already.

This article consists of the deactivation codes for all Aircel rate cutters.
To stop or deactivate auto renewal rate cutters, just dial the corresponding USSD code.

Daily Auto renwal Rate Cutter
Deactivation Code
9 Rs Rate Cutter
(100 MB data FUP for 1 day, Autorenewal)
1  Rs Rate Cutter
(Incoming Calls while in National Roaming@30p/min)
1  Rs Rate Cutter
(A2A @ 10p/min, A2Other Local@30p/min, 11pm to 6am)
4 Rs Rate Cutter
A2A @10p/min)
1  Rs Rate Cutter
(All STD mobile @ 35p/min)
1  Rs Rate Cutter
(Saudi arabia(f) 8p/sec (M) 11p/sec;Kuwait 11p/sec, UAE 14p/sec;Singapore 3p/sec; Srilanka 10p/sec;Malaysia 4p/sec; USA/Canada/UK(f) 2p/sec;Bangladesh 4p/sec,Nepal 10p/sec; Pakistan 12p/sec)
3 Rs Rate Cutter
(Local mobile @ 30p/min)
3 Rs Rate Cutter
(A2A @20p/min, A2Other Local @40p/min)