Saturday, January 2, 2016

Reliance GSM : Find my own mobile number in Reliance GSM SIM | USSD code to know my Reliance GSM Mobile number

Finding own mobile number for Reliance SIM card is easy and free of cost, works even if there is no talk time balance in your mobile number

The easiest and best method is to use USSD code

USSD is nothing but Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
You have to type the USSD code in your home screen . It is similar to dialing a phone number.

To find own mobile number in Reliance

  1. From your mobile phone with Reliance SIM card, dial the ussd code *111# or *1#
  2. Press call Button
  3. Now your mobile number for Reliance SIM card will be displayed in your mobile screen
  4. Note it down and save it in contacts for future references
  5. This method is free of cost and works even if there is no balance in your main account
If the above code is not working for your region, you can also dial one of the following USSD codes to know your own mobile number in Reliance SIM.
  • *111# works for Tamil Nadu, Kerala, AP, Karnataka,Gujarat, Delhi, Maharastra and other North India States
  • *1# works for West Bengal , Assam, North East and all other states.
If USSD code doesn't work for your region , then you can dial any of your friend's mobile number to display it in their screen.You can also dial 198 and speak with Reliance Customer care to know your mobile number in emergency case.