Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reliance DTH : Error 100 - Smart Card not inserted | Big TV Error codes

Error Code : Error 100 - Smart Card not inserted

Reasons for Error 100 in Reliance DTH (Big TV) :

  1. The smart card is not inserted in the Set top box
  2. Reliance TV Smart card is inserted in wrong direction i.e. upside down or not inserted completely
  3. The smart card inserted does not belong to Reliance Digital TV
  4. The smart card may be cracked / damaged or dust filled which results in communication failure

Solutions to resolve Error 100 in Reliance DTH (Big TV) :

  1. Confirm that the smart card inserted is a valid Reliance Digital TV smart card.
  2. Remove your smart card from set top box, wipe it with a clean dry cloth and now re-inser the smart card back in the smart card slot. Follow the arrow direction on your smart card to insert it correctly.Press CH +/- buttons on your reliance DTH remote to change channel and check the working status.
  3. In case it is not resolved yet, switch off and on your STB from mains.
  4. If the issue persist,call Reliance Digital TV toll free customer care number,1800 200 9001 from your landline or mobile phone