Friday, December 11, 2015

Finite Element Analysis : Previewing, Modifying, and Generating a Mesh | Hypermesh , NX , Solidworks

In every pre-processor FEA tools like Hypermesh, Solidworks and NX Advanced simulation, there will be exclusive set of options to

  • Generate a mesh, 
  • Preview a mesh, 
  • Update or Modify an existing mesh model.

We can use Modify Mesh Preview to see how the mesh will look before the software creates the actual nodes and elements of the mesh. Weu can preview boundary nodes or the entire mesh.

If we see a problem with the previewed mesh, we can can use the tools on the Modify Mesh Preview form, such as Create Edge Dependency, to change the mesh. We can also use Element Quality Checks to evaluate the quality of the previewed mesh.
Once we've set up all the meshing parameters, you can generate a mesh on selected entities.

After we generate a mesh, you can use the mesh checking tools to measure the deviation of elements from an ideal size and shape. For example, we can check for poorly positioned midside nodes and generate statistical data on element quality

Updating a Mesh After Solution

After we've created a mesh and solved the finite element model, we can use adaptive meshing to modify and refine the mesh to obtain more accurate results. The adaptive meshing capability automatically refines a mesh by moving nodes, splitting elements, or re-meshing.