Monday, December 7, 2015

FEA : Using Node Connectivity to Connect Meshes in Finite Element Analysis

Node Connectivity :

Node Connectivity in pre processors like Hypermesh, Ansys lets us to connect two elements by replacing a node from one element with a node from a second element. Therefore, we can connect two meshes by specifying where elements should share nodes. Hence the continuity is ensured in the mesh model and the load will be smoothly and correctly transferred from one element to another element.

How to use Node Connectivity feature :

  • Pick the node in the first element that you want to move to the second element.
  • Pick the node in the second element that will be shared by the first element. The two elements are now connected at this shared node.

Note: The software retains the node you replaced as an unused or extra node, which you can keep or delete which would be optional.

Limitations and Considerations for Using Node Connectivity

The elements that you connect don't have to be of the same type or order.
If we keep unused nodes:
  • any node that isn't associated with an element will lose its geometry association
  • delete the nodes before you perform a solve

Any element we modify by redefining its nodal connectivity will lose geometry association if the associated geometry for the replacement nodes is different than that of the original nodes.

If a boundary condition is associated with a node that we replace, we may not be able to delete the resulting extra node until you delete the boundary condition. This depends on the type of boundary condition applied to the node.