Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Android : Fix screen Flickering due to rain / water damage in Android , iPphone , Replacement Warranty Claim

Water damage in Android , iPhone

Water damage to smartphones would happen anytime for anyone. It would be useful to know the do's and dont's , if your Android / iPhone smartphone is water damaged.



  • Do not connect with charger. I insist this point, because it would spoil the phone completely.
  • Do not keep it on. Switch off the device immediately.
  • Do not use microwave oven or hair dryer to dry the device.

To fix Screen Flickering :

  1. After water damage, if the screen is blinking or flickering , then immediately you have to switch off the mobile phone.
  2. Remove the battery , SIM card, sd memory card from your mobile phone.
  3. Take a soft cloth and dry the water in the battery, visible portions of the phone etc.
  4. Keep the phone under fan or medium sunlight for 2 hours .
  5. Next is the crucial step. It is to remove the small screws of the phone and disassemble the panel and screen.
  6. In practical, an individual won't have screw drivers for such small screws. In such case, I recommend to take the phone to the nearest mobile service center. The service guys are experts in such activities.
  7. Remember, you should not switch on the phone in the mean time.
  8. After dissembling the panel and screen parts, use some cotton sponge buds to remove the water traces in the circuits, speaker port, charger port, mic.
  9. Handle it very softly.
  10. Let the parts dry for another 7 to 8 hours completely under fan.
  • Now, assemble the screen panel with back panel. No need to tighten the screws.
  • Insert the battery.
  • Switch on the mobile phone.
  • Now, ensure that your phone is working normal. Keep it for five minutes and observe whether any over heating occurs.
  • If the phone works normal, switch off the phone and tighten the screws, insert sim card and memory card.
  • Charge the phone, by keeping the phone in switch off state.
Observe whether heating occurs. If the phone is heated, immediately disconnect the charger.
Otherwise, your phone is normal.

Replacement warranty for water damage:

  • Replacement warranty is not applicable for water damage. 
  • Your phone and battery has color changing paper sticked in white color.
  • It will change the color to pink, if the sticker is dipped with water. So, if turns pink, then the manufacturer will consider that as water damage and reject the warranty claim.
  • If the color remains white and phone is still not fixed, you can try for replacement claim.