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IMPS fund transfer service charges for HDFC bank, AXIS Bank

Effective 15th May 2015, below Service charges will be levied on all IMPS Outgoing transactions

Slabs (Rs)
Revised Charges (Excluding Taxes)
Upto Rs, 10,000
10,001 Upto 100,000
100,001 Upto 200,000

How to make imps money transfer payment

  • IMPS is inter-bank mobile payment service that enables you to make payment through your bank account via mobile.
  • For a successful IMPS transaction, you will need to enter your mobile number registered with the bank, MMID issued by the Bank, and OTP issued by the bank
  • MMID (mobile money identifier) is 7-digit number issued by bank to customer upon mobile banking registration
  • OTP is one-time password issued by bank to customer for payment transaction. OTP is valid for one hour and for one transaction - success or failure. (The transaction amount will depend on the limits set by the Customer’s Bank.)
  • Procedure for imps registration varies for every banks including mobile number registration, MMID, OTP generation, and banks enabled on IMPS,