Saturday, September 19, 2015

How to claim theft insurance for stolen Apple MacBook in India

If your Apple Macbook is stolen, the first step is to track using Findmymac application , using your serial numbre of your stolen macbook.

If you are not able to find your stolen device, then the next only way is to claim theft insurance if you have protected your device with theft insurance policy.

As recommended by Apple,

If you didn’t set up Find My Mac before your Mac was lost, or you can’t locate it, these steps might help you protect your data:
  1. Change your Apple ID password to prevent anyone from accessing your iCloud data or using other services (such as iMessage or iTunes) from your Mac.
  2. Change your passwords for other accounts you use with your Mac, including email, banking, and social sites like Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Report your lost or stolen Mac to local law enforcement. They might request the serial number of your computer. You can find this information on the original box or receipt you received when you purchased your Mac, or on Apple's My Support Profile site if you registered your Mac.

After registering an FIR that your device is stolen, approach your insurance company to claim theft insurance with the proof of FIR you have registered.