Monday, September 14, 2015

EZTV : Unofficial Retirement due to cloning of its Own domain | EZTV vs ETTV

After several piracy issues and cloning of its own domain , the original EZTV domain was unofficially retired during early 2014. The new clones of eztv domain is run by unknown volunteers.

EZTV Hostile takeover

Since October 2007, EZTV was using the domain name. But under pressure from copyright holders, The Italian .it registry lodged a complaint over some paperwork.Facing a possible confiscation of the domain name, they saw no other option than to switch to a new domain. The domain name was suspended, and a couple of months later was taken over by scammers attempting to claim EZTV as their own. But unlike the real EZTV this .it domain does open windows with advertisements.
As of 25 April 2015, the and the the "semi" accepted proxy are under control of "EZCLOUD LIMITED".[11] Simultaneously with the takeover of the domain and the proxy, the scam group "EZCLOUD LIMITED" started attempts to take over the online identities by impersonating them on their own clone of the original websites, further assimilating the brand name and disrupting the workings and communication of the original group and attempting to gain revenue via an unofficial EZTV Bitcoin and adverts on these hijacked sites. "EZCLOUD LIMITED" gained access to the domain via the registrar and reset Novaking's information allowing them access to the domain accounts for EZTV, using this access they hijacked the EZTV domains and locked Novaking out.All the hijacked domains now redirect to
The original EZTV website was officially retired around on 29 April 2015 with the topic of the IRC channel where EZTV was discussed saying: "DO NOT USE THE SITES! They are not ours anymore. Thanks for all the fish. As of 5 May 2015Rarbg, BT-Chat. and other sites have removed EZTV as an affiliate and are taking steps to stop "EZCLOUD LIMITED" indexing releases. KickassTorrents, BT-Chat and The Pirate Bay have since suspended or deactivated the official EZTV accounts and added warning to the old releases, also ex-EZTV staff continue their warnings that people should avoid the scam site that is left behind.
Google have started to no longer serve web results from EZTV and instead provides the articles relating to the hostile takeover by "EZCLOUD" and the possible suspension of the .it domain by the Italian registry


IBtimes criticized that EZTV and ETTV are different distribution groups that are operated by with an implicit relationship.

 No, contrary to popular belief, EZTV and ETTV are not partners in crime. Yet the sites seemed to operate in a kind of implicit partnership: If one didn't offer the newest episode of “Game of Thrones” within an hour of the show's ending on HBO, the other almost certainly would. But ETTV is actually an offshoot of the ExtraTorrent tree of websites, which TorrentFreak predicted would be the No. 3 most popular torrent sites of 2015 (three spots higher than the dearly departed EZTV).

A cursory glance through the most popular torrents on the biggest aggregators show that the most recent TV episodes are almost exclusively being distributed by ETTV