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To Find tneb consumer number for tneb online registration

To find TNEB consumer number ?

my TNEB consumer service number

Now You have to select your region,section,distribution and finally your consumer number step by step. Read the following to finish these steps easily. 

  1. Select Know Your service number option in the website.
    • The TNEB consumer number contains eight digits. First 2 digits represents Region . The region may be Chennai north or south, Erode, Trichy, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Velore, Viluppuram and Coimbatore
    • The Next three digits of the consumer number represents the section code. This is where you are paying monthly bill.
    • The next three digits is distribution. This is your Nagar or village name. 
    • The last three digits is your service connection number . You can find it in your EB card that is placed at your EB meter box. It will be written in red ink mostly as service number or consumer number.
  2. Once you entered all the eight numbers click validate. It will show the address and name of the meter box owner. Now Copy this number without first two digits and fill in the registration form.
  3. Your address will be shown. Select confirm if it is correct and Proceed with the Next step.

To Find your tneb consumer number: 

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