Monday, August 24, 2015

Shortest way to reach US consulate Chennai , US Visa Application Center VAS, Chennai

  • For Day 1 Bio-metric registration and Day 3 Visa Pickup , you have to report at Chennai VAS (Visa Application Centre) located at Nungambakkam.
  • For Day 2 Visa Interview process, you have to report at US Consulate building located at Anna Salai below Gemini Flyover

Since metro train work is going on, new visitors will face difficulties in reaching these places as these roads are made one way these days.
This article will help you to reach to these places with short, cheap, easy and best route.

To VAS (US Visa application Centre ) , chennai.

Location :  Kodambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam [near Valluvar Koattam.]

Route 1 : Train + Auto Rickhsaw (Cost is 10 Rupees for train + 60 Rupees for Auto)

This is best for both who travel from Central, Egmore railway station , for those who travel from Tambaram, Perungalathur side.
  • Get down at Kodambakkam Railway Station
  • Climb the flyover bridge and turn left side in the direction of you climb.
  • Pick an auto. Bargain for 50 to 60 rupees. (1.5 kilometers). Say Visa Office, Kodambakkam high road to make auto rickshaw guy understand.

Route 2: Bus

If you dont want to spend money for auto, then you can choose bus route.
I dont recommend , if two or more persons are visiting . Because more or less, the cost will be same as route 1.
  • Reach T-Nagar Bus stand (from Tambaram or Central or CMBT)
  • Get a bus that pass through Valluvar Koattam. Drop down at Valluvar Koattam Bus stop.
  • Near Valluvar Koattam Bus stop, a big Pepsi advertisement banner is placed. Look for a small road, go inside about 100 feets to reach the building. There will be no sign or big board for the VAS building. An A4 sized paper will be posted at the backside of the building and you are only allowed through the backside of the building.
From cmbt to gemini flyover , you can take 29K mtc bus.
  1. Bus23M27C27VS32  Bus17B17M26CUT26EXTNG17 

To US Consulate Building

From Central Railway station, 

  • Get bus that go towards tambaram. 1B, 1G, 1GCT, 11, 11ACT, 11AET, 11G, 17MCT, 18D, 18K, 51J, 52B, 52P, 54, 54L, 60, 60C, 88K, 155A, 221H, 500B, 579A, 51B, 18D, 18E, 18E, 51l1A
  • Get down at Thousand lights bus stop. 
  • You can see Gemini fly over once you get down.
  • Walk towards Gemini bridge (about 2 min walk)
  • Look for the land mark Safari theatre bus stop, Oxford University Press, Many police , people with files standing.
  • Yes you reached the destination.

From Tambaram or Guindy :

  • Get a bus that goes upto Broadway.
  • If you board non white board buses, then get down at DMS (Teynambettai bus stop)
  • Get an auto for 60 Rupees for US embassy (Visa office near Gemini flyover for auto rickshaw guy understanding). If you can walk, then it is less than 1 km walk, in the right side of the road , towards gemini bridge.
  • Reach the destination.
  • If you board on a white board bus, get down at thousand light bus stop.
  • A subway will be there. Use the subway to get the opposite side of the road. 
  • Walk towards Gemini bridge. Safari theater bus stop and people standing with files is the landmark.