Monday, August 24, 2015

HD3D tools in NX | NX tutorial - HD3D for synchronous modeling

HD3D in NX

HD3D is a new feature introduced in NX Siemens , that allows you to quickly find an information about the product you design and helps you to diagnose the error or warning that occurs while designing the component by providing sufficient information about the error and warnings.
These information will appear like annotation tags , where the error occurs exactly in the component.

How to Access HD3D tools in NX ?

HD3D tools in NX is avaialbel in resource bar. We can also access this tools using command finder option.

What are all the HD3D tools available in NX?

Visual Reporting tool 

Visual Reporting tool helps you to visulaize information directly on the components / objects inside the graphics window itself.

Check Mate tool

Check mate tool allows you to validate product information.

Product template studio tool

Information related to execution of PTS template can be accessed using Product template studio tool

Requirements validation tool

Manages requirement of a product design.

Issue management tool

Allows you related to issue management.

You can use the HD3D tools to interact visually with information presented in the graphics window that may previously have been presented in dialog box lists and information reports