Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Android OS : To stop High Background Data Usage | To speed up internet in Android Smartphones

By restricting background programs, you can enjoy speed browsing in Android smartphone and this article will guide you to stop background programs that consumes unnecessary data and inturn speed up internet browsing speed.

To Stop Android OS - High Background Data Usage

  • The first thing you have to do is to find , which application is the reason for high data usage consumption.
  • To do this, just go to Settings → Data Usage.
  • Now you can see the list of applications , that use more data in descending order.
  • You can get an idea, if any app is downloading unusual data consumption.

Following are the list of applications , that use high background data and I provide the solutions
  1. If you are able to spot out the app which uses high data consumption, "Force Stop " every app that you see using your data.
  2. Go to Google Play store → Settings → set Do not auto-update apps
  3. Go to Whatsapp → Settings → Chat settings → Media Auto download → When using mobile data → Uncheck Images, Audio, Videos
  4. Go to Bit torrent or u torrent → Settings → Set to download torrents only using WiFi. You can manually change at time of emergency,
  5. Keep an eye on Applications like download manager, where pending files will be downloaded without your knowledge
  6. G-mail, Email, Inbox apps :Use any one email app, Unnecessary syncing of multiple email apps will consume more data.
  7. If you use Google chrome browser, then enable data saver option which saves about 20 percent of data by excellent data compression technology.
  8. Kill the apps automatically when you are not using it, by unlocking developer options.
  9. Go to Settings → Data usage → Tap Menu button →  Check Restrict Background data , Uncheck Auto-sync Data