Friday, June 26, 2015

NX Unigraphics: How to change units in NX 7.5 and NX 8.5

Units in Unigraphics NX 7.5 , NX 8.5 :

In NX 7.5 and above UG we can set different sets of units , that are all ready available by default.

Based on the requirements , we can change the list of available unit system for Information and Analysis results and Design-logic application.
The default unit systems available ready-made are
  • lbm-in, (Pounds-Inches)
  • lbm-ft,(Pounds-feet)
  • g-mm, )gram-millimeter)
  • g-cm, (gram-centimeter)
  • kg-m, (kilogram-meter)
  • kg-mm (kilogram-millimeter)
Apart from this you can also set custom unit system.


To set or Change Unit system in NX 7.5 and above:

  1. Go to Analysis option in the Menu bar
  2. Select Units
  3. From the list of available units systems, select the appropriate unit for your study.

To set custom unit system
Go to Analysis → Units → Custom. which sets custom units which are defined in the Units manager, for Information and analysis results and Design-logic.

You can also use Units converter option available under Units tab, to convert units from one system to another .