Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nawras ( Ooredoo Oman ) : Know PUK code | SIM Unlock | PIN code Reset

To get or recover PUK code for Nawras SIM card ( Ooredoo Oman):

Entering 3 times PIN code wrongly in Nawras SIM card will result in SIM lock and the phone will ask to enter PUK code.

Method 1 : Through Online :

  1. Go to Official website of Nawras  .
  2.  Click the MyAccount application Support section. 
  3. Now, once you login , you can view your PUK information available in Account management page.

Method 2 : From SIM card holder

If you have the sim card holder, then you are lucky. You can find the PUK number for you Nawras / Ooredoo Oman SIM card printed on your SIM card holder or SIM pack.
Either you can refer , if you have received any welcome mail at the time of buying new SIM card.

Method 3 : Through Helpline:

The last but best way is to contact the Digi helpline number.
  • From an Nawras or Ooredo mobile number, dial the toll free number 1500 .
  • You will be asked for your PIN number. After that,  In the IVR menu . Select 1 then 5 then 2
  • Your PUK code will be informed. Note it down and enter it in your locked mobile phone to unlock the sim card.
 If you don't remember you PIN code or you don't have Nawras mobile number, then dial  (+968) 9501 1500 from any other number and request for the PUK code number.

After you enter your PUK number, you have to reset a new four digit PIN number.