Sunday, June 14, 2015

Best Practices while writing an Email

Best Practices while writing an Email:

  1. Do not mark important , unless otherwise it is really very important. The receiver will get a bad impression , if you continuously send mails with important, urgent marks unnecessarily
  2. Use 1.5 line Spacing options instead of using double enter option. You can avail this option by Right click on white space → Paragraph → Indents and Spacing. Now in Line spacing option choose 1.5 lines, instead of single spacing. Your content will look pleasing if you use 1.5 lines instead of pressing double enter key.
  3. Avoid all CAPS or all lowercase. Use Proper upper casing and lower casing. It will improve the readability.
  4. Make the subject line as precise and simple with important Key words. Example : "Agenda for Board Meeting - Week 26"
  5. Do not use BCC, (Blind carbon copy) option for formal mail communications. It is not a good practice to hide the recipient information . The information you communicate should be transparent and clear, to avoid misunderstanding.
  6. Use Reply , Reply to all based on the situation. It will avoid unnecessary cc in mail communications .
  7. Do not use Red and Green color , unless otherwise it is necessary. It is recommended to completely avoid it. Just use Blue color if you really feel to highlight important words
  8. Completely writing an email in Bold Red, Bold Green is strictly NO.
  9. Do not reply for an email in a frustrating mood. By chance if you have composed an harsh email , just save it as draft. Go for coffee and come back and reread the mail again and delete the words that you feel harsh. Finally most of the times,you will realize, no to send the mail, you have saved before.