Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Android : To keep your favorite ringtone safe from Memory Boosters

Everybody knows Android is more flexible than Windows or Symbian OS . But this flexibility makes some inconvenience  sometimes.
This article discuss about one of the few situations and providing a simple solution too.

Situation :

Sometimes even without our knowledge, the ringtone that we set manually would be reverted back to default ringtone.


This is becuase, if you remove or move(delete) your manual ringtone knowingly or unknowingly, then the OS will fail to link with your manually set ringtone and automatically set the default ringtone.
As most of us use Memory boosters like Cleanmaster,360 security etc; when we tap clean , then it will automatically remove some cache locations like download folder. So, unknowingly our ringtone which we manually downloaded will be erased and hence the default ringtone will be assigned to the profile.


  1. Go to file explorer.
  2. Copy your favorite ringtone clip
  3. Now paste in the location Internal storage - Ringtones
  4. Set this new one as your Ringtone.

Hereafter , even if the cache is cleaned, your favorite ringtone will be in default ringtone list.