Thursday, May 28, 2015

NX Tutorial: To import, export Step , IGES files in NX Unigraphics → .igs .stp extension files Import

IGES and STEP are universal file formats for 3D CAD components/assemblies.
You can exchange (Export/Import) 3D CAD from one Design software to other using these file formats.
Usually IGES files would have extensions .igs or .iges
And STEP files would have extension .stp or .step

To import or Export IGES,STEP file in NX Unigraphics:
There are two ways to import  .igs file or .stp file in UG NX.

Method 1 (Import only):

  1. Launch Unigraphics NX software from start menu
  2. In NX menu bar, go to File → Open
  3. Now in the form, choose file type as *.igs or *.stp depends on iges or step file
  4. Choose the iges file and select OK. Now your IGES / STEP file is opened.

Method 2 (Import/Export):
  1. Launch Siemens NX (Unigraphics)
  2. Go to File → New and create a component
  3. Ensure that you are in Modeling application
  4. Now Go to File → Import / Export → IGES or STEP 214
  5. Choose the IGES or STEP file you need to import
  6. Now your file will be imported in the new part file.