Thursday, April 23, 2015

Android : Error 927 while Installing , Updating apps from Google play store - Solution

Error : Error 927 , Insufficient space or Insufficient memory

Error description : 

Error 927 in Google play store is displayed mostly in the mobile phones which have ROM less than 1 GB while installing , updating some medium to big apps like whatsapp, games etc.

Solution :

Step 1 : Go to Settings -> Apps -> Tap on Play store .

Step 2 : Select Force stop .

Step 3 : Also tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache. It will remove the saved search, saved login only for Google Playstore

Step 4 : Come out of settings and open Google Play store as usual. Login with your Gmail Id as you had done for first time login

Step 5 : Now try installing or updating the apps again like Whatsapp or any big games. It should be done perfectly now.

Still the problem exists ?

  1. Use Clean master to clean all the residual files, YouTube junk files, empty folders, thumbnails, browser Cache etc.
  2. Move the pictures from phone memory to SD card memory
  3. Delete or move whatsapp media like forwarded videos, images, pictures.
  4. In summary, Free up your phone memory as much you can and now go back and try to update or install whatsapp.